Though I got my realtor license just 3 weeks ago, I have been passionate about real estate all along. Coming out of the IT industry with a very successful and 28 years long career, I finally took the leap and joined the industry that has been a dream all along. My goal is to try and help as many people as possible to fulfil their biggest dream of owning real estate in this highly competitive market by giving them honest and right advice. There couldn’t have been a better time to join TRREB than during their 100th year celebration. It is my honour as well as pleasure and would love to be there in celebrating their next milestone of 125th anniversary. Good luck to every member of TRREB and hats off to their contribution and hard work in getting us where we are today. Thanks for the opportunity of being part of this celebration.
Mukesh Gautam
Realtor / Homelife/Miracle Realty Ltd.
Although I joined TRREB about 4 months ago , all I want to say is that it is a big pleasure to being a part of this huge family.
Safi Hashemi
Sales Representative / Royal Star Realty Inc.
Entering into the world of Real Estate was my best decision, I knew the challenges, but TREB made it so easy with so much support and training. Staff were always available with all my questions. It really feels good I am under an umbrella of 100 years experience. Thanks for being there and Making the Difference.
Adil Ali
Sales Representative / IproRealty
I am very happy and Proud to be part of TRREB's 100th year anniversary!!! I am very happy that I chose to be a realtor. TRREB has done an excellent job representing real estate agents and making their life easy by coming up with new technology solutions. Thank you for standing for us!
Rajkumar Manicavasagar
Sales Representative / Homelife Superstars Real Estate limited
I was in sales long before I become TRREB Member, and then when I became a member, it was like a dream come true because I could do sales on a much bigger scale.
Peyman Saatchi
salesperson / homelife/Bayview Realty Inc.
I've been a licensed commercial broker since 1988. Back than we didn't have as many laws for Realtors as we do today but we had lots of respect for clients and our colleagues. Be happy.
Shahin Mirkhan
Broker of Record / MAX Realty Solutions Ltd.
I remember when i got my licence 17 years ago I was so excited to tell every party and gathering people surrounded me with many questions and I was so proud that I knew the answers. Time flies.
behzad rahdari
Broker / Royal LePage Signature Realty
I became a member of TRREB in 1988 when daily listings were the Tear Sheets that were delivered to our office every night, Agents respected each other and we took pride in the way we practice Real Estate. Caravan and weekly agents open house with snacks was the norm.
Cynthia M Clarke
Real Estate Representative / Royal Lepage Credit Valley
I joined TRREB just a year before and have attended Realtor Quest. When I started my journey with TRREB, I had a feeling of having achieving success in the field of Real Estate. Support from different programs enhanced my skills and I always feel that I am backed by the most highly sophisticated services on the backhand of my services to my clients. I am really happy and feeling successful being in real estate field. Thank you TRREB for all your support and guidance in my journey of Real Estate Sales Person.
Hitesh Parikh
Real Estate Sales Person / Homelife Miracle realty brokrage inc
I feel very much part of the 100 year anniversary! I'm grateful and enjoyed the interaction with my fellow TREB professionals ! We all worked well together and made good progress for our members! Happy Anniversary
Ed Darban
Real estate Broker / iPro Realty Ltd
My journey with TREB is fantastic so far. The experience is always getting bigger and better. I still remember a day when I was filing working with realtor and BRA forms as a buyer, I never thought soon I will be filling more than 15 forms a year as the realtor. Can not thank enough to everyone for their tremendous efforts.
Sanju Patel
Sales Representative / Homelife Miracle Realty Ltd., Brokerage
I joined real estate industry back in 2008. For me everyday is new challenges since I have joined Real Estate Industry. I can confidently say that this is a very great and exciting industry. Every day you meet different people with different needs. You can empower yourself by helping people for their real estate needs whether it is a residential or commercial real estate. You feel so happy when you help people and fulfill their real estate ownership dream and eventually they become wealthy. I have a very exciting career in Real Estate and helped my clients to fulfill their dream to reality. I have also made so many great friends during my real estate career. It's also a great networking opportunity to meet your colleagues once in a year at the TREB Trade Show. I would like to congratulate TREB for their 100 Years service in Real Estate Industry. TREB helped so much by providing very great technology and information to REALTORS to serve their clients needs. Very Excited to Celebrate 100 Years!
Bhavesh Bhatt
Real Estate Broker / Homelife Miracle Realty Ltd
I`m new in this industry. Only 5 years, but I feel so lucky I can celebrate 100 years of TRREB Memories. Feel so happy about it.
VP / C21 Atria Brandric Real Estate Group
I obtained my real estate registration in 1974 and have been an active realtor ever since. I have belonged to TRREB (formerly TREB) for many years. I have had the pleasure of participating on many committees at TRREB and presently I serve on the Professional Standards Hearing Appeal Committee. A career in real estate sales and real estate education has been an exciting adventure for me and I have met so many wonderful people through the real estate industry. It is my pleasure to wish Happy Anniversary to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
Margaret Gourlay
Broker of Record/Owner / Develco Realty Services Limited
The reason I joined real estate is because I really like to give back to the community and be able to make a huge impact on other lives and be able to Educate them in the housing industry. Also, being able to help them make the right decision and my message to all the agents please work like you don't need the money . We need to put clients need first.
Ahmed Mohammadi
Salesperson / Homelife Today Realty Ltd,.
I joined the Real Estate Profession in 1973 and have been a proud member of Toronto Board ever since. I remember in the 70's there were fewer than 3000 members and most of us knew & our local practitioners pretty well.We used to have regular Monday morning meetings at the office and managers took keen interest in sales associates progress. From Tear sheets to Computer books to going 24 hour Online access & totally paperless, we have come a long way. I have had the good fortune of working on numerous committees with some incredible Colleagues. Cheers to TRREB for holding its head high & celebrating its 100 th Anniversary, thanks to all the Volunteers who give their time and all the wonderful staff who are our Lifeline. Gulab Butany Broker, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.
Gulab Butany
Broker , / Forest Hill Real Estate Inc Brokerage
I saw a dream to became a realtor in 2018. I joined Toronto Real Estate Board in 2019. It was a pleasure journey of 15 months and I could confidently tell my success stories. I did a remarkable job in just a small span of 15 months all because of TRREB and TRREB registered agents. I remember my first visit in TRREB, Mississauga office where I registered my self and got TRREB MLS Access, I bought some marketing and open house material from store. That was my first step in to the new career. I joined Homelife Miracle office and my journey started. I can proudly say, I could, with TRREB, fulfill people's dream about their home. I have helped families settling in their own home in GTA. I could help a family migrating and settling from USA. It was pleasant journey so far and I am sure we will grow together.
Tejas Kansara
Sales Representative / Homelife Miracle Realty Ltd., Brokerage
I joined the the Toronto Real Estate Board upon getting my license in 1989. The first and most difficult assigned was to decide which Company to join to ply my trade as a Realtor. With an Accounting background and having worked with a Real Estate Development Company for a number of years, I was keen on pursuing a career in Commercial Real Estate so I joined a Commercial Broker. After spending several years in that arena I decided to join a Realtor Office that would give me the opportunity to work on both fields, Commercial & Residential. I joined the Century 21 chain and this proved to me to be a good decision as I managed to follow both fields of opportunity which also became quite rewarding. I participated in as many courses, programs and seminars as possible to help broaden the scope of my endeavours and to acquire as much knowledge as possible in order to be more proficient. During my 25+ year career I found some of the most rewarding results by Volunteering at TREB on The Commercial Executive Council and numerous Committees over several years which also provided extensive opportunities to meet and interact with many Colleagues and Members of TREB for enlightenment as well as helping to further the forward progress of the organization and to enhance its professional Status. Now in retirement I can honestly say that I miss all the interactions with Clients, Colleagues and other Professionals as well as the Business itself which is so rewarding when you feel that you have provided such an exemplary and fulfilling service in helping others. Congratulations TRREB & good luck going forward Joe Panchyshyn
Joe panchyshyn
Retired / Formerly Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd.
It was merely a dream to become Real Estate Sales Person for me. But in 2010 one of my friend forced me to be a Real Estate Sales Person. I was feeling something different once I received my License in my hand. I was feeling a different personality and thinking I have different inner power to guide the people who really want to achieve in Canada by migrating from their home country. I guided my first Real Estate deal in getting one family their dream Beauty Parlour. From the day my confidence level went to the peak and was feeling I am in Real Estate only to guide and assist people of different community. This is the right profession if your inner conscious works with you. To be Realtor is great achievement in my life and it changes my living style and personality. You feel yourself different in crowd. Now I feel more happy by getting my Broker license. I love this profession and more happy to be TREB member.
Mukul Desai
Real Estate Broker / HomeLife Miracle Realty Ltd.
It is my pleasure to remember back in the 1950's of my Father's Real Estate Corporation .H.W.Bleasdell Ltd. I gave many articles/pictures to the TREB library after his passing in 1996 at age 82 yrs. young- still selling. Harry Bleasdell FRI. was Director of TREB 1956 to 1959, 2nd highest exam mark in Canada,Can.Institute of Realtors 1960, Chairman of Toronto Chapter CIR 1966, Member of the National Institute of RE.Brokers 1969 ,served on Arbitration 1982. Back in 1951 it was not unusual to see in TREB news a picture of an agent who caught a big fish over the weekend .That was Harry and his proud catch. Homes at that time were listed for $11,000 to $24,000 Leaside & North York .The ph.# was Hudson or Mayfair. During Hurricane Hazel 1954, Harry rented boats to help homeowners swamped in Hogs Hollow (Yonge/York Mills) Harry having 3 young daughters and a wife paralized with polio believed in giving woman a fair chance in the RE. field. He gave that start of success to Sadie Moranis and hired her in 1963 It was the biggest challenge to find a Broker who would hire a woman back then .In later yrs Sadie was the first Female President of TREB in 1981 Being in RE. as a follower to my Father I started in 1972 and a Broker in 1980- I so well remember the 6 carbon copies or handwritten offers on the truck of a car outside the offered home - sign backs were easy because all the parties there in person .The ritual of morning listings sorting in area binders was a dreadful chore. Sadly I retired his Corporation H.W.Bleasdell Ltd. in 2011, always to remember his business card quoting "Personal Conscientious Service" P.S .sent my memories in today but forgot Harry Bleasdell ( my father) also active in TREB/PAC 1993 . (not sure what that was then) thanks
Joanne Bleasdell
Broker / Future Group Realty
I got my RE licence in 1989, right before the recession started to take off. I joke that my getting into real estate caused the market to flop. In hindsight, it was the best thing to happen to create the level of real experience that I received to be the type of agent I dreamed of becoming. To this day, I use the skills I developed as a young Realtor at the age of 24. As hard and frustrating as it was (for at least 5 years) I wouldn't trade those formative years. With the tools TRREB has provided over the years, I was able to consistently reach my goals I set out for myself year after year while still having control over my time and my life. In fact, I have to thank my two fantastic Broker/Owners: Richard and Alex Pilarski who have supported me in countless ways over the years. I will never forget early advice I got from Richard when I was started to make a name for myself at Re/Max. He said, "Make sure, no matter what, that you are always home for dinner with your family, every night". To this day, I rarely miss a family dinner. Best. Advice. Ever. Thanks Richard! Here's to many more fun and exciting years in this crazy business call Real Estate!
Wayne Kahn
Sales Representative / Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc.
My father, Joseph Kreiner started with the Toronto Real Estate Board and Mann and Martel in the late 1950's. In 1961 he started his own firm Joseph Kreiner Real Estate Limited. From a young age, I answered the phones and took messages for my father. When I was young, my father guided me well in business and financial matters and 44 years ago I obtained my Real Estate License as a Sales Representative. Studying and obtaining my Broker's License I have continued on as the Broker of Record for Joseph Kreiner Real Estate Limited for the past 15-20 years. Sadly my father passed away last year. My daughter Vanessa Ley has now joined me as the third generation Real Estate Professional in our family. Being located in Richmond Hill/York Region I have watched our community grow from 16,000 to 230,000+ residents. Being a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board and a Real Estate Broker has been an amazing ride and honour. I look forward to decades yet to come assisting my loyal families/clients, who I have guided in real estate for generations. This profession is to be taken seriously and with great integrity. We are assisting people with the largest purchase that many will ever make in their lives. Our actions in the real estate profession have a great impact on the future of many families in our Communities. Congratulations to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board on it's 100th anniversary. We, at Joseph Kreiner Real Estate Limited wish our Board and it's members many more successful and fruitful years to come. Heidi Kreiner-Ley and Family
Heidi Kreiner-Ley
Broker of Record/President / Joseph Kreiner Real Estate Limited
Both my grandparents and parents were active in Real Estate. There is an amusing photo of my paternal grandfather taken during or just after World War I standing on the worn wooden entrance to his office on Queen Street. Signs in the window proclaim: GRANER & COMPANY: BANKERS, Travel Office, Money Transfers, We Sell War Bonds, and on the entrance window, Justice of the Peace, and Real Estate Broker. Both my father and uncle shared the office and worked for the company. Grandfather Joseph was an immigrant from Odessa, then controlled by Russia. According to my father, he could barely read and write. My mother's father, bought a property at Gerrard and Bay, that had suffered a fire in 1948 for $814 (Eight Hundred and Fourteen Dollars). He gave it as a dowry for my mother. By the time I entered university, she was landlord to 6 income properties. Rent from the Gerrard St. property sustained my mother until she died at age 97. Until I too became a realtor in the1990's, I was a full-time opera singer, cantor, and concert-producer. I used my fine-arts experience to sell real estate.
Sales Representative / HIGH POINT REALTY LIMITED
Back then I have always wanted to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity but being in the corporate world did not provide me the time to do so. So I was so thrilled that when TREB sent the Across The Board June 2019 Issue with the opportunity to Volunteer at the Pinery Trail, I jumped on it right away. It was very humbling to see tons of volunteers, the amount of work required to build a house, administration, organization and safety. It was a an exciting experience to be able to give back to the community and seeing the joy of families having a house to finally call a home. Thank you TREB for your continued involvement with Habitat for Humanity as I was so proud to be part of it with other realtors! Keep it UP!
Desiree Turda
Sales Representativeentative / iPro Realty Ltd.
Last year I attended the Toronto Real Estate Board 25 years Membership Dinner and was surprised to see experienced Realtors with over 50 years with the TREB . In year 1994 I joined the TREB, learning from successful members from different brokerages, gaining professional knowledge from the TREB classroom seminars and mentors. In those days, I carried a bulky cell phone, pager, and a briefcase with MLS forms. Today, a small cell phone, handy ipad are good enough for me. Tomorrow, I still have to learn more latest technology such as virtual open house, ethics...Thanks all at the TREB office and congradulate on the TREB 100 Years Anniversary !
Saifoo Lau
Sales Representative / Homelife Landmark Realty Inc Brokerage
I joined TRREB less than a year ago. When I fist entered the TRREB building, I had a very positive and friendly feeling. All the employees and faculty are very understanding and friendly. The TRREB building is very clean and well maintained. It has good and spacious class rooms. The free webinars are very useful for beginners like me. The staff are always ready to help. I feel proud to be a member of TRREB.
Salesperson / Remax Premier
Being a member of the TRREB and organized real estate has been, to say the least and without a doubt, a fun ride, and a fulfilling experience. November 29, 2020 will mark almost exactly 42 years since I joined our Brokerage at Bloor and Bathurst, just across from Honest Ed’s. Those were the days of legal sized paper and carbon copies, followed by $3,000 Motorola cell phones mounted in the vehicle, and then by the $5,000 Compaq 286 desktop computer. At the time, these amounts were equivalent to a deposit on a first-time buyer’s home! No expenses were spared if it meant serving my clients by gaining a competitive edge. Speaking of competitive edge, I remember many times going to the office around midnight to see if the next day’s listings had been delivered yet. Tearing those listing sheets and organizing them, was a daily ritual. Notwithstanding these apparent hardships, all changes and advancements in the industry were almost always met with a certain measure of angst and consternation. But thankfully only to realize afterwards, how much easier and better it made it to serve our clients. Thank you TRREB! Congrats on the 100 Year milestone. Wishing success to all members and may you continue to adapt and embrace the inevitable changes and apparent roadblocks. Remember, they are just insurmountable opportunities!
Frank T. Coppola
Broker / Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.
I purchases my first home in 1988 looking at a very small square photo in a book with a few lines about the property. The market changed within months of our purchase. I saw neighbours who purchased without selling their home and then the market crashed. I purchased my second home in 1992 and got into Real Estate in 2003 and discovered that my purchase/sale experience was to be very helpful in understanding what my own clients will go through. The training I received through my Brokerage and TREB now TRREB after becoming a Realtor helped me grow and develop my skills in Real Estate that have helped me serve my clients with excellence. Volunteering has also given me a new perspective on how much TRREB does for organized Real Estate. Our systems are changing and improving at speeds we have never experienced before. There are so many tools to help us do better and work smarter than ever before. I am proud to call my self a Realtor. I am blessed to have as clients the amazing people I have served as I head into my 17th year in Real Estate. It is a truly humbling experience working with people and being involved in their lives as they grieve a loss, celebrate a growing family, downsize as their grown children start their new lives or have their children now venture into the Real Estate market. The relationships I have built with fellow Realtor's and clients, and the experiences I have had serving have been life changing. I look forward to the next adventure being a Realtor brings as we celebrate TRREBS 100 years.
Zsuzanna Porter
Sales Representative / Royal LePage Connect Realty Brokerage
I remember as a young girl, helping my Father organize tear sheets in the office, help give directions to homes using the burgundy Perly's Map in the car, and what a big deal it was when TREB came to our home to set up "the computer" so Dad could work from home and see listings on "TREBVISION" When I joined my Father in business in the summer of 2005, fresh out of my undergrad, I had no idea what an impact that the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board would have on my life, both professionally and personally. Through my years of volunteering at the board, I have made amazing connections and forged lifelong friendships. Now, while I serve on the board of directors, I am honoured and privileged to be a voice for our membership, and help take TRREB successfully into the next hundred years. Thank you to the wonderful staff and volunteers who make this organization great and so valuable to the members. I am grateful to be a part of it.
Kate Young
Broker / Keller Williams Portfolio Realty
I have been a member of TRREB for almost 5 years now, and have very much enjoyed every minute! The community of the members is truly something I admire. Being on the YPN Committee, and being apart of the mastermind sessions is something that stands out as a wonderful memory for me, as I’m watching and helping others grow in the field, while I myself am doing the same! We are all in this together and that is something I truly value! It’s crazy to see the changes that have even happened in the 5 years I have been apart of it - TRREB has always been so innovative and up with the latest trends, whether it be with technology, news, or even just with social media and how that is expanding so rapidly! Cheers to 100 years - and here’s to the next 100!! Thank you TRREB, for all you do for all our members!
Stephanie King
Real Estate Broker / Century 21 Landmark Realty Ltd.
I was at the tail end of using legal paper size offers in 2003 when I started my career as a TREB member. I found the paper size awkward, no offense, a bit dated coming from an office admin environment while the Y2K hype (or the Millennium Bug) was still fresh in our minds; thank heavens (pun intended), planes didn't drop from the sky and the real estate market soared! And then we started using the very handy A4 paper size. My clients felt special signing their biggest investment with what I called my lucky (Mont Blanc) pen. Just when everyone was feeling snugly, the electronic signatures and e-forms became reality and made matters more comfortable - it’s the best thing since sliced bread! No more driving out at 7 a.m. to meet my clients before they head out to work.  Fast-forward, TREB expanded in so many ways at such high speed. The number of Realtors® grew together with our logo: TRREB. I even heard that other boards are envious of our cutting-edge MLS Stratus. They haven’t seen anything yet! I thought I’d only be a plain-vanilla member of one of the biggest real estate boards in North America, and yet, I'm also an active committee volunteer since 2016. I’m proud and honoured to be part of TRREB's milestone celebration, congratulations! 100 years is a lifetime! Warren Buffett, a living proof and (also) a real estate investor can vouch for this.
Clarence Maquito
Real Estate Broker / Sutton Group-Admiral Realty Inc, Brokerage
From the first time I came to the TRREB offices for training and to pick up the old school authenticator, to the last meeting I attended at the office for the Government Relations Committee, TRREB has been front and centre in my real estate career. I'm thrilled to have been a member for the last 10 years and have great confidence in TRREB continuing to play a vital role in GTA real estate over the next 100 years! Congratulations to all the staff and volunteers who make the Board so vital and valuable to its members.
Jeffrey Luciano
Broker of Record / Keller Williams Advantage
Congrats TRREB on hitting a century! I can’t imagine a better organization which will embodify a great confluence of entrepreneurism, openness and discipline. I first became a member 12 years ago and it has been a pleasant ride all the way thanks to the support from TRREB staff and fellow members. We are all proud of this moment.
Neel Venugopal
Vice President, Sales Representative / KOLT Realty Inc.
Congratulations to TRREB and all of the members on a Century of Service. A big THANK YOU to the founders for starting such a robust organisation which has stood the test of time. Hats off to the many Realtors who had to go to the office every morning to look for new listings. Those of us who started in the 2000's have had a much easier time because of TRREB's adoption of Technology. All the Best to all the members for the next 100.
Adolf Furtado
Broker / Re/Max Community Realty Inc.
What a wonderful opportunity to give back. An immense learning experience giving an opportunity to share experiences with industry colleagues. I hope my contributions helped create a more uniform working environment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful team at TREB for giving me the opportunity to serve on this very prestigious committee.
Mahmud Rizvi
Complaints Review Committee / HomeLife Bayview Realty Inc.,
My first memory of TRREB was when I attended the orientation session for new agents. The building was bright and modern, the staffs are friendly. It was a very welcome feeling for someone who is taking a risk to start a new career. A few years after that, I discovered that TRREB members can volunteer at committees. I never look back after that. TRREB have done a lot to improve our real estate industry and to help our members. Our annual few hundred dollar fee is minimal compare to when we received from it. TRREB is an organization I am proud to be member of. Wishing you a Happy 100th from the bottom of my heart!
Eliza Cheung
Broker / Manager / RE/MAX Excel Realty LTD.
TRREB was 60 years old when I started and it was a different world and definitely NOT paperless. Going to the office in the early morning and putting your dailies in order of area with solds and new was a daily ritual. Fast forward to the 2000's we faced many changes as well as challenges. Everything from technology to paperless. In 2006 I was fortunate to become part of the actual TRREB board of directors and eventually was humbly honoured to become Presidents. Dealing with the LTT, Competitions Bureau,OREA , Voting Changes, just to name a few.We are 100 years young and I really can't wait to see the changes of this industry which I have been very proud to be apart of. Happy 100th.
Larry Cerqua
Broker / Manager / ReMax Ultimate Realty Inc
Being involved with the new logo was a great experience. I feel very much part of the 100 year anniversary! I enjoyed the interaction with my fellow colleagues and trreb professionals on the member communications committee! We all worked well together and made good progress for our members!
Beverley Fleischer
Broker / Forest Hill Real Estate Inc., Brokerage